The Neoliberal Project

The Neoliberal Project was founded in 2018 to promote a new liberal identity. We believe that harnessing new media is one of the most effective ways to spread a political message in today's world, and we draw from the experience of over a dozen volunteers working in consulting, technology, politics and academia. Our core values:

  • We believe in free markets, and the power of markets to alleviate poverty and generate unparalleled economic growth

  • We believe in strong institutions, which are the precursor to unparalleled economic growth

  • We believe in intelligent regulation and redistribution - the state has a role to play in regulating markets where they may fail, and ensuring the gains from free markets are widely shared.

  • We believe in the classical liberal freedoms - freedom of speech, of the press,
    of religion, of assembly, etc.

  • We believe that all people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. have equal rights and deserve agency.

We stand for the creation of a new, revitalized liberalism - neoliberalism - that can guard the open society and guide it into a prosperous future.